GHOST CITY TOURS is Savannah Georgia’s most popular ghost tour company.
Ghost City Tours uses the best tour guides in Savannah to craft together a mysterious and exciting journey into the most famous haunted locations on our Savannah Georgia Ghost Tours.

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Ghost City Tours of Savannah Georgia

On our Savannah Ghost Tours, you’ll walk through some of the most beautifully creepy locations you can imagine. Ghost City Tours will take you and your family on a ghostly adventure through the beautiful streets of Savannah Georgia. We’ll visit haunted and historic homes, hidden cemeteries and many of Savannah’s secret, haunted locations.

You’ll feel the rush of adrenaline as you explore some of the most haunted places in America.

Ghost City Tours is Savannah’s most popular tour company when people want to learn more about the ghosts and hauntings that occur in Savannah. Ghost City Tours offers more Savannah Ghost Tours than any other tour company in Savannah Georgia. We offer all ages ghost tours as well as adults only ghost tours. Our ghost tours are rated 4.7 stars by past guests on TripAdvisor.

All of the tours of Savannah’s ghosts and haunted locations have been carefully researched to ensure that you’ll get the facts. You won’t hear made up stories about zombies eating babies in a graveyard while taking one of our ghost walks.

We offer four spine-tingling Savannah Ghost Tours, each visiting the locations in Savannah where ghosts are most often seen and felt.

Our Ghost Tours are more than just Ghosts

Taking a ghost tour into the haunted streets of Savannah is a great way to see our beautiful city at night. Savannah is well known as the most beautiful city in America. You’ll see many of Savannah Georgia’s historic homes and locations on our ghost tours. Savannah takes on a new life once the sun sets on our haunted streets.

Join us for a haunted tour of Savannah

Buying Tickets for Our Savannah Georgia Ghost Tours

Buying tickets to join Ghost City Tours on one of our haunted ghost walks couldn’t be easier.

Online: On each tour page, you’ll find a cart where you can purchase tickets online.

By Phone: Our office is open from 9 AM until 2 AM, 7 nights per week. Simply call us at 1-888-859-5375.

Tickets for our Savannah Ghost Tours are always very limited. Once they are sold out you will have to choose from a different tour. To ensure that you get a spot on the ghost tour that you would like to take we require that you purchase your tickets in advance. We do not allow for walk-ups.

Why Choose Ghost City Tours of Savannah?

1. We offer the widest variety of Walking Ghost Tours in Savannah. Ghost City Tours offers four very different ghost tours for all ages.

2. Military Discount. If you’re in the military, you rock! And to show our appreciation of our fighting forces and what they do, we offer $5 off per adult ticket!

3. Complete dedication to our guests. If you don’t leave our tour feeling like you just had a great time, we failed. And we take that mission very seriously!

4. Our Professional Ghost Tour Guides in Savannah. Our Guides are all professional tour guides with experience in the Paranormal and Theatre.

Take a Walk with the Ghosts of Savannah

When you take a ghost tour with Ghost City Tours you know that you are getting the best tour possible. Not only do we offer the most variety of high-quality ghost tours and haunted walks in Savannah, we also have some the best tour guides in all of Savannah.

Each of our Ghost Tour Guides will take you and your family and friends on a unique journey into the haunted underbelly of Savannah. Our Walking Ghost Tours give visitors a unique view of the haunted city of Savannah Georgia that you simply get in a vehicle. We’ll get up close and personal with some of Savannah’s most haunted locations.

You’ll hear the history and the events which made Savannah soo haunted as you walk from one ghost filled location to another.

Ghost City Tours has a tour for everyone!

Our Grave Tales Tour is Savannah Georgia’s most popular all ages tour. Starting at 9pm every night, the Grave Tales Ghost Tour is perfect for families or guests who just want an early evening ghost tour.

  • - Families and children
  • - First time Ghost Tour Guests
  • - Guests who don’t want to be out late on a Ghost Tour
  • - Guests who want to learn a lot of history too

The Dead of Night Tour, Beyond Good and Evil Tour and Ghost City Pub Crawl are for:

  • - Adults Only; 16 & up for the Dead of Night Tour and Beyond Good and Evil Tour, 21 & up for the Pub Crawl
  • - People seeking a late-night adventure in haunted locations
  • - Adults with a strong interest in the Paranormal
  • - Guests who want to have the best chance for a ghost experience.

Visit the Most Haunted locations in Savannah on our Ghost Tours

If you’re looking for a ghost tour which is bland and boring, our tours are not for you. We only visit the most haunted locations in Savannah. Seeing a ghost on a tour can never be promised, but we want to put you in the locations where the most ghostly activity is reported. This will give you the best chance to have a paranormal experience on a ghost tour as possible.

We have over 50 different tour stops to choose from, including:

  • - Desecrated Burial Grounds where the Spirits refuse to rest in peace.
  • - Civil War era Hospitals where the dead piled up by the hundreds.
  • - Historic Homes where murders, suicides and more have left the energy disturbed.
  • - Discover the trail of sorrow as the slave trade left its mark on Haunted Savannah.
  • ….and many many more.