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Walking Ghost Tours

Savannah Walking Ghost Tours

Here at Ghost City Tours we are proud to offer some of the best Walking Ghost Tours in Savannah Ga. You have a lot of different options for ghost tours while you are in Savannah, but we feel that the best experience lies in taking a walking ghost tour. Sure, you can hop into a hearse of a trolley, but they simply do not offer the experience that walking the streets of historic Savannah on a ghost tour does.

Why take a Walking Ghost Tour in Savannah?

The number one reason to take a walking ghost tour, as opposed to one in a vehicle, is the experience you get. On a walking ghost tour you can actually reach out and touch these historic buildings we take you to. Feeling the cobblestones underneath your feet while walking at night adds to the experience as well. You simply cannot establish a spooky atmosphere while riding around in Trolley. Your ghost tour shouldn’t consist of riding past building after building while your driver tells you to look to the left because sometimes someone can see a ghost in a window. Your ghost tour should be a true experience! And the only way you can truly the experience the haunted nature of Savannah Ga is on a walking ghost tour.

What Walking Ghost Tours are in Savannah?

Well, you have many different options for taking a walking ghost tour in Savannah Ga. Most companies offer some sort of walking tour. Which company you decide to go with is your own choice (of course we hope you pick Ghost City Tours!). If you do decide to take a walking ghost tour with us you have a few different options.

Our Family friendly walking ghost tour, the Grave Tales of Savannah. Your guide will take you on a stroll through the north end of Savannah’s historic district. This tour is great for families. It doesn’t involve much walking so even the young ones would be okay taking this ghost tour.

At 10pm Nicodemus walks you through the haunted alleys and burial grounds of Savannah on the Beyond Good and Evil Tour. This tour takes you into the heart of haunted Savannah. You will hear the stories and visit the locations of gruesome voodoo rituals, hidden burial grounds and more. This is one of the most popular walking ghost tours in Savannah Ga.

At night we also offer an adult’s only walking tour, the Dead of Night Ghost Tour. On this ghost tour you will walk with your guide as you visit the darkest hauntings in all of Savannah. Be prepared to stand in the spot of murders and other horrifying tragedies of Savannah’s past. The Dead of Night Tour starts at 11pm in Johnson Square.

Other great reasons to take a walking ghost tour in Savannah

When you take a walking ghost tour of Savannah you are not only getting a true haunted experience, you are also getting some exercise. Our tours are not strenuous at all, but it is still good to get out and get the heart working a little bit while you explore the haunted buildings of Savannah on one of our walking ghost tours.

Another great reason to consider a walking ghost tour is that you will be able to enter the buildings we talk about, on occasion. This changes often but we do often get to take our walking ghost tours inside some of the haunted buildings here in Savannah. Most Trolley ghost tours and hearse tours do not have this option.

So, on your next trip to Savannah Ga we certainly hope you consider taking a walking ghost tour. And when you do, we certainly hope you consider one of our walking ghost tours of Savannah Ga.