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The Mercer Williams House

The Haunted Mercer Williams House

One of the most mysterious homes here in Savannah Georgia is the Mercer Williams House. The Mercer Williams House is reportedly haunted by many of the people who were effected by the tragedies which have occurred at the house over the years.

The most famous ghost to seen seen in this haunted Savannah home is the ghost of Jim Williams. Jim Williams are the eccentric antique dealers dealer who was also the main character in the famous book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Jim Williams spent a number of years inside of the house. Many of Savannah’s best parties were held inside of the Mercer Williams House. Today, the house is a museum for people who want to take a tour of this famous haunted house. Staff who work inside of the house after hours have reported seeing the ghost of Jim Williams walking the halls of the house.

Another story which is told about the Mercer Williams House is that of a young boy, who fell to his death from the roof of the house. As the story goes, a young boy was playing on the roof of the Mercer Williams House, hunting pigeons. He took a fall from the roof and landed on the wrought iron fence which surrounds the house, killing him. His ghost is reportedly seen re-enacting the final moments of his life. While this story is believable, part of the story doesn’t make sense to me. Some people will tell you that when he fell, he was impaled by the fence, breaking off on of the tips of the fence. That doesn’t seem like it could happen, in my opinion. The fence is very strong, and metal. I doubt that a car falling off of the roof would break the tip of the fence post off like that, let a lone a small boy.

Regardless, the Mercer Williams house is a great historic home in Savannah, reportedly one of the most haunted houses in the entire city of Savannah. On our Savannah ghost tours we do go past the Mercer Williams House. Only with a guide can you get the whole story about the hauntings and the ghosts of the Mercer Williams House.

Visiting the Mercer Williams House

The Mercer Williams House is located at the southern end of the Historic District on Monterey Square. The owner does offer daytime tours of this historic home, but don’t think you’ll be hearing any ghost stories. We have had guests tell us that they were asked to leave the tour for asking about ghosts or Jim Williams…very strange indeed.

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The Mercer Williams House | Savannah Georgia