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432 Abercorn

The Ghosts of 432 Abercorn

Perhaps the most controversial haunted home in all of Savannah is the house that sits at 432 Abercorn Street. If you ask guides who work at certain companies they will tell you that it is the most haunted house, with murders, vortexes, stories of people gone missing in the house and more. The problem is, almost all of it is pure nonsense. While the house on 432 Abercorn Street certainly harbors some dark energy, it isn’t because of the stories that are told.

The problem with 432 Abercorn Street is that most of the stories are completely made up under the pretense of being fact. Most of the stories about the house originate from a company that has been around for some time (not us). The former owner of this company claimed that he researched all of his stories with the help of a former Savannah News Reporter. He claims he verified all of these stories with this reporter. The problem? The reporter was his business partner and a well known storyteller in the community with a propensity for coming up with wild tales based on nothing but his imagination. Fairly dubious if you ask us.

Perhaps the most outlandish claim to come from this dynamic duo is the murder of 3 young girls in the house. As the story is told, back in the 1960’s three young girls were murdered in the house by a intruder. Their bodies were laid out in a triangle, feet to head. Taken at face value, this is a horrifying story. However, it is completely made up. There were no murders of young girls in the house. Ever.

Another very ridiculous story that is often told is that of a young college student who stayed in the house while attended a local art college, SCAD. As the ghost story goes, while staying in this haunted house, he completely disappeared, as in…into another dimension. The story claims it was the work of evil spirits and demons. Just like our previous story, this one is complete b.s. It just so happens to come from the same couple who made up the last story based on news reports which never existed written about events which never happened. They probably should have looked into the fact that S.C.A.D. wasn’t even founded until 1978, but the house has been abandoned since before that.

The Truth about Haunted 432 Abercorn

Despite many of the dubious claims and stories which are completely made up, this house does seem to harbor some dark energy.  Many guests on our ghost tours, and the ghost tours of other companies, have captured weird abnormalities in photographs outside of the house.

A true story about the house at 432 Abercorn Street is that is was built on top of, or right beside a slave cemetery which was originally in Calhoun Square. It is very possible, based on the timelines, that bodies were removed from the area this house was built upon. That in itself can create some very negative energy and contribute to hauntings.

While many of the stories that surround the hauntings at 432 Abercorn Street are completely made up, there is still interesting happenings at and around the house. If nothing else, this should just make you a little more careful when picking the company you take a ghost tour with. If you want to hear the stories based on realities, pick a reputable company such as ourselves.

To read more about debunking the stories that surround the house at 432 Abercorn follow the link.

Getting to 432 Abercorn

When checking out the haunted house at 432 Abercorn Street please be respectful of the owners. Do not attempt to go onto the porch or otherwise get into the house. The best location to view 432 Abercorn and take in it’s haunted beauty is from Calhoun Square.

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432 Abercorn Photographs

432 Abercorn | Haunted Savannah

The side of 432 Abercorn, showing the old surface of the house.