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The Ghosts of the Pirates’ House

The Haunted Pirates House

The Pirates’ House Restaurant in Savannah is home to more than a few ghosts and hauntings. It is thought to be one of the oldest..and most haunted buildings in Savannah Georgia.

Ghosts of the Haunted Pirates’ House

In today’s Haunted Savannah post we are going to talk about the ghosts and hauntings of the Pirates’ House in Savannah Ga. Few locations in Savannah are more renowned for the ghostly behavior that happens there than the Pirates’ House in the eastern historic district of Savannah Ga. The building which houses the Pirates’ House dates back to the late 1700′s. The small building beside what many people see as the ‘main building’ is called the Herb House. This little building dates back to 1754 and is considered to be the oldest building in Georgia. Since that time it has accumulated more than its share of ghost stories and a very haunted reputation. However, what stories told about the Pirates’ House are true and which are not?

In its’ early days the building which houses the Pirates’ House was a gathering place for seamen, criminals and other unsavory characters. It was looked upon as a place that most people did not want to go into because of its raucous reputation. Many a men walked into the bar which was in the building that is the Pirates’ House today looking for a stiff drink and woke up on a ship a few hundreds miles off of shore. These men were shanghaied, with no choice of working on the ship or being thrown overboard. There is a tunnel that leads from the cellar of the Pirates’ House down towards River Street which these men were reportedly carried through. In addition to this cruel practice there were the others sorts of mischief you would imagine in a 18th century bar. Murders, fights, brawls…you name it and I am sure it has happened in this building. It seems that some of the people who visited the Pirates’ House, or the building that houses it anyways, had such a great time that they decided to stay even beyond death.

The most ironic thing about the Pirates’ House is that they was probably never a pirate in the house. Privateers? Yes. Pirates? Nope.

The Ghosts of the Pirates’ House

Shadow people and other ghostly apparitions have been seen walking through the dining rooms of the present day Pirates’ House. When staff are working all alone in the building they report having the sensation of having someone watching them. On more than one occasion they turned around to see a seaman from long ago standing there, looking right into their eyes..and slowing drifting into nothing. Footsteps can be heard echoing through the restaurant on quiet evenings. The distinct sound of boots on the plank floors can send the chills up the spine of someone not expected it..but then again, nobody ever really is expecting it.

One of the popular ghost stories which has no basis in reality is the ghost of Captain Flint, from Treasure Island fame. As the story goes, Captain Flint died in the house and people have said they have had run ins with Captain Flint. In the book, Treasure Island, it does make mention of Captain Flint being in this building and that he died in Savannah. The problem with this..Captain Flint was a fictional character.

The next time you are in Savannah make sure to stop in the Pirates’ House for lunch or dinner. Their great food and even better atmosphere will not disappoint. You never know, you may have an encounter with one of the Pirates’ House’s famous ghosts.

For more information on the Pirates’ House Restaurant visit their website.

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