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Ghosts in the Lucas Theatre

The Haunted Lucas Theatre in Savannah Georgia. Many Ghosts have been reported in the Lucas Theatre in Savannah Georgia

A Great Haunted Savannah Theatre

A theatre just isn’t a theatre unless it has a few good ghost stories to tell. The Lucas Theatre in Savannah Georgia fits that description to perfection. Construction on the Lucas Theatre was complete in 1921. A culmination of work between Arthur Lucas and C.K. Howell produced one of the most beautiful theaters in the United States at the time of completion. Arthur Lucas owned more than 40 theatres across the country, but the Lucas Theatre in Savannah Georgia is the only one to use his name. Apparently he wasn’t all that vain, unlike some of the ghosts which will do anything to get noticed inside of this haunted Savannah establishment.

I don’t know what it is about theatres…why they are soo haunted. But they are. One of the theories is that any place in which many people gather, and have emotional experiences, can produce hauntings. We al know that a good movie or show can stir feelings inside of us, make us emotional. Is this setting the stage, no pun intended, for future hauntings?

Some of the reported haunted activity from the Lucas Theatre includes shadow people, applause being heard in an empty building..and much more. More than a few former employees have come forward over the years to talk about their experiences with ghosts in the Lucas Theatre.

During the day, most days, you can take a self-guided tour of the Lucas Theatre. At night, you can expect to find shows and entertain of all varieties. Plays, movies, music…can all be found in rotation at the Lucas Theatre. For more information on the Lucas Theatre in Savannah please visit their website at

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